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*Rates are subject to change and based on various factors and terms.


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Purchases & Pre-Approvals

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage Today!

We Can Get You Pre-Approved In Minutes And Guarantee The Rate For You For Up To 120 Days (4 Months). There’s No Obligation And It’s FREE!

When looking for a new home, you should always get pre-approved by a lender first. We can help you find out how much you can afford in a matter of minutes!

Before buying a home, you should always obtain a mortgage Pre-Approval, and here is why it’s important that you pre-qualify for a mortgage first:

  • Getting a pre-approval will help you understand what kind of home you can afford to buy, and how much of a mortgage you will be approved for and can afford.
  • We can hold your pre-approval interest rate for up to 4 months (120 days), which will protect you from potential unexpected rate increases for that time period
  • As soon as you get pre-approved, you can then proceed to make an offer on a home without worrying about whether or not you can get the mortgage that you will need, provided that your financial position stays stable until the closing date.
  • With today’s strict mortgage rules, if you don’t get pre-approved it’s very possible that you will not be approved for a mortgage large enough to be able to actually complete the purchase of your home.

What’s Involved In A Pre-Approval

Our mortgage pre-approval process is fast and easy. It involves one of our professional and experienced mortgage brokers or agents assessing your financial situation and then shopping around for the most ideal lender that will offer you the best rate and best mortgage terms for your individual goals and situation. The lenders will then determine how much money they would be willing to lend to you as a mortgage and at what interest rate and terms.

These are the factors that matter most to lenders when they are making their decision whether to grant you a mortgage loan or not:

  • Your income
  • Your credit score and credit history (there is a difference between the two)
  • Your assets
  • Your liabilities (your debts)
  • Your employment history
  • The size of the down payment you intend to make and the source of those funds
  • The property value

Using the right pre-qualification process, the experts at Fanson Mortgage are able to lock in and guarantee the lowest interest rate for you for a period of 4 months (120 days) with certain lenders that we work with. This process is 100% FREE and you have no obligation to take this rate. So even if interest rates go down while you are buying your home we will be able to requalify and approve you at the new lower rate at the time of closing.

As a professional Mortgage Broker, our obligation and commitment is to you, our valued client. We promise you that we will search for the absolute best mortgage rate and term for you because we always put our clients first!