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Who we are

Fanson Capital is founded on the belief:teamwork makes the dream work. Our company is proud to be partnered with Dominion Lending Centre . With multibillion-dollar closing acquisition in 2016, Dominion Lending has become Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage. We have access to over 230 lending institutions and a network of 2,600 mortgage broker advisors. No matter where our clients go, we are confident in serving you.

We are the one stop shop for all your borrowing needs. Our team consists of only top performing leading professionals in the banking and real estate industry. Not only will we provide a platform of tools and support to serve you, but also our expertise in the industry will translate into the result you deserve. The foundation to Fanson Capital is driven by our core beliefs. Our core values are: integrity and most importantly customer satisfaction. 

Our mission is simple; Fanson Capital is dedicated to become reputable in becoming the only trusted professional to meet all of your borrowing needs in the community. What sets us apart is our professionalism and flexibility to help our clients realize their real estate goals and win in the result of possibilities.



A mortgage broker is a licensed intermediary that work on behalf of clients to find the best solution from a variety of lenders.

Fanson Capital was partnered with one of Canada’s largest mortgage brokerage, Dominion Lending Centres. The experience you receive reflects on the dedication and years of experience provided by each and every one of our licensed brokers. The calibre of service will be nothing but professionalism. Our management and company follow strict policy of risk control and requirements. However, our financial planning for you is flexible and customizable to meet the best of your needs.